February 2020


What are the latest SEO trends in Singapore?

Google Algorithms are constantly supporting SEO to evolve. Right now, as a New Year gift, Google has released a couple of fresh updates ensuring better user experience and sellable tips online. By using the latest trends and tools for SEO in Singapore strategically, your online business can not only increase audience visibility but also the organic influx of traffic and support in acquiring a higher ranking at the SERPs.

Check out the latest SEO trends in Singapore

More focus on search intent

It was a time when keywords used to dominate SEO. Well, now it’s the SEO intent that the marketers are prioritizing for increased search results. By using some smart SEO online tools, the optimizing process is now faster and smarter than before.

Voice search

Around 50% users prefer using the voice search on their mobiles for which this tool is still trending in Singapore.

Video content

Though content has its own importance for driving traffic, the significance of video content is also acknowledged. A majority of mobile users are hitting the video buttons as the audio-visual content is juice-passing faster according the expert SEO professionals.

Nowadays, the videos are also given the first priority in the search engine result pages for which users find it more convenient to watch faster than reaching a long content.

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