August 20, 2018


Financial Analysis for Office Lease Transactions


Financial Analysis is understood to be the group of concepts, procedures and tools which help organize and interpret financial data. Making informed property decision requires utilizing economic models made to improve the caliber of the lease or facility decision. Not only an application program, this analysis may be the product of formal learning finance coupled with experience available property marketplace.


The choice to renew a lease or relocate your workplace facilities requires thorough financial research into the anticipated lease costs inside the marketplace. This involves the technical capability to evaluate the price connected with assorted facility decisions. To assistance with the choice making process it is advisable to check “Occupancy Costs” of numerous alternatives within an “apples to apples” format. This method is essential because what frequently seems is the most cost effective deal at first glance the truth is might not be the best alternative after evaluating all economic aspects of the suggested transaction.

Although the idea of leasing work place is straightforward, commercial leases come with an more and more complex financial structure. So how exactly does a tenant start figuring out the real price of this type of lease? An average business building lease can include the next:

Base Rental Payments (fixed or escalated)

Additional rent provisions for increases in operating expenses

Caps or ceilings on operating expense escalations

Periods of abated or reduced rent

Contributions (loans) through the landlord for leasehold enhancements, architectural charges, IT cabling, moving expenses, leasing commissions and existing lease obligations

Parking charges

Various options (renewal, expansion, contraction and cancellation)

Electrical Capacity (watts per sq . ft .) and H.V.A.C. charges

Add-on Factors (Rentable versus. Functional Square Ft)

Costs to conform with government rules (ADA )

Charges for Construction Management

Interest charges for above standard leasehold enhancements


Once occupancy costs connected with assorted lease alternatives are identified and also the underlying financial aspects from the suggested lease transaction are understood, the projection from the total occupancy costs within the term from the lease and yearly is calculated. These forecasted annual cash flows are exposed to discounted income analysis (internet present value) in an appropriate discount rate (price of capital) to take into account time worth of money. The outcomes would be the Internet Present Value or “the cost from the deal”. To explain to compare purposes, I express the discounted present worth of the lease as an amount rate per sq . ft . which helps the tenant to determine the financial structure from the lease proposals with an “apples to apples” basis. The outcome of earnings taxes could be taken into account by discounting cash flows for a price reflective from the tenant’s after tax price of debt.

When evaluating alternatives, occupancy cost levels both absolute and offer value basis are examined when it comes to rentable and functional square ft to take into account variations in keeping area factors and space efficiency. It makes sense the “effective occupancy cost per sq . ft .” which supplies a significant comparison of numerous lease proposals.

Today, technology gives us the program to simply implement the financial analysis of lease transactions. Popular software packages include LseMod and ProCalc. However, you should comprehend the concepts of the analysis and just how various cash flows impact the total cost particularly with regards to the skill of settlement.


Effective negotiations need a thorough knowledge of the actual financial aspects from the transaction. In my opinion great deals are not just but additionally negotiated. My financial skill enables me to determine the outcome of numerous economic components on the need for the lease and also to evaluate the landlord’s effective rental rate. Essentially, the landlord’s effective rental rates are the internet profit level in the lease prior to the building’s debt payments expressed on the sq . ft . basis. By viewing the lease in the landlord’s perspective it is very simple to benchmark the landlord’s forecasted return and appraise the impact of numerous alterations in financial aspects of the lease around the landlord’s main point here. While evaluating rental rates and negotiated concessions with other transactions on the market is a superb indicator of achievable terms the landlord’s effective rates are in which the rubber meets the street. No two lease transactions despite identical rental rates yield exactly the same go back to the owner. My objective is structure a “winning” transaction whilst not departing anything around the settlement table. Evaluating the landlord’s effective rate during negotiations is really a key tool in figuring out the landlord’s main point here.

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