How To Start With Digital Marketing For Your Singapore-Based Brand?

More than 80% of Singaporeans have direct access to fast internet. This clearly indicates the possible results you can expect with online marketing. If you are a Singapore-based brand, it is important that you plan your digital strategies with the right ideas. Below are some of the quick pointers for help.

Understand your customers

Singapore has population of 5.26 million people. Obviously, your marketing efforts cannot target everyone. You have to understand your audience by using the right figures and numbers. If your audience segment is large enough, you can further divide them into sections, based on priority.

Hire an agency

When it comes to digital marketing Singapore, most brands like to hire an experienced agency for the job. This is the best way to ensure professionalism in the entire approach. A good marketing firm can do the initial research for your brand, so that the right strategies and channels can be selected for promotions. By offering an advance quote with essential inclusions, they can also help in minimizing the costs.

Revaluate your website

A good website is the foundation of a solid marketing plan. Before you can think of other things, start with a website audit. Check if your website needs an update, especially with regards to design and functionalities. You can talk to the marketing agency, as they often have the expertise to offer inputs on the matter.

Focus on SEO

Search engine marketing remains one of the best ways to promote a brand. This doesn’t require any investment, except the basic cost of hiring a marketing agency. Also, around 90% people use Google as their primary search engine, so it’s easy to understand the possible gains from SEO in particular. When used rightly with other marketing strategies, the results can be amazing.

Find ways to use the social

Facebook is the most used social site among Singaporeans, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You have to find the ways to engage your customers on these platforms. Keep in mind that these platforms are pretty flexible, so don’t just focus on ads alone. You have to create content that makes an impact, besides commenting, replying and liking on posts. The audience must understand that they are talking to a brand and not a robot.

With a little more effort, promoting your website shouldn’t be a hard thing at all. Start planning your campaign right now!


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The Top Smartphones Ruling The Australian Markets

With the constant up-gradation of the smartphones, sometimes it becomes difficult for the mobile users of this generation to go with the flow. Still, there are a few brands creating standard handsets with all the potential features that the users mainly look forward to. Whether they purchase the smartphones online from reputed e-stores such as Mobile Mob in Australia or from any retail store- the mobile phone users always check the required features they want to have in their smartphone. Besides, they have their own choice of selecting the OS. They have options for the iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

In this article, we will focus on some of the top smartphones ruling the Australian markets

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

One of the most sophisticated and expensive ranges of Samsung- the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are loved by the mobile users looking forward to expensive devices ensuring the best user-experience. Though the personal assistant and the fingerprint scanner are not appreciated by many, still these phones are some of the best built of Samsung.

The super smartphone ensuring high-end daily duties the Galaxy S8 and S8+ boast on their extreme cameras, chosen among the best listed camera phones of this generation so far. The Infinity Screen also impresses users for its state-of-art qualities. The phones also have a layered Biometric security scanner which is an additional feature appreciated by many.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Another set of masterpiece from the house of Apple- the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are ruling the Aussie markets for its one-stop features and the brand name above all. Users are fascinated by the large screen, incredible camera, and the waterproof feature. The jade black phones have one discrepancy and that is the “No headphone jack” option. Users are happy using the ear buds the box provides with a 3.5 adapter. But this flaw of the latest iPhone generation has been hovered by the amazing iOS software and the snappy performance.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Another world class twin of smartphones ruling the Australian markets like the rest of the world for its amazing integration of the hardware and software, amazing camera, great battery life and the zippy performance. But the phones are not water resistant design is not that chic and a little bit too pricey.

Along with these smartphones, LG G6 and the OppoR9 models are highly acclaimed across Australia.

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Voice over internet protocol Phone Technology for that Small Company

With regards to Promising small to Medium Business (SMB) technology needs, tthere shouldn’t be anchorman of failure, and there must be just one source for technology needs. Technologies are not now, and has not been an expense it happens to be a good investment, but business proprietors don’t have a tendency to view it this way. Rather, business proprietors consider telephone an expense running a business taking from the main point here.

Voice over ip (Voice over internet protocol) technology within the small company sector is definitely an investment, but it’s not generally understood as a result due to the failure to see the possibilities that “business requirements” can instruct. Voice over internet protocol technologies are not about saving cash on lengthy distance charges, however this was how salespeople first convinced buyers to understand more about this latest communications technology and also the idea stuck.

Make money from Cost

Eco-friendly technologies are an accumulation of technologies that reduce the quantity of energy required to run systems and offer the power that people use every day. Whenever you combine eco-friendly technology with open Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Voice over internet protocol technology, it makes sense a substantial chance to learn from business operations. This is done through the effective use of advanced voice technologies with open SIP standards and leveraging Voice over internet protocol for voice needs.

In a nutshell, starting with a classic fashion office telephone system and finish track of a twenty-first century communications and voice technology that seamlessly integrates and serves all of your voice and communication needs. By accelerating the entire process of collaboration and communications integration, contacting your subscriber base, clients, vendors, providers, or internally with operations is really a seamless and fluid process, not waste time, money and assisting any organization’s main point here.

The Eco-friendly Machine

Using a single MX250 IP PBX server, you are able to lower the price of communications even more. A business as high as 250 employees can run on one server that utilizes less energy than the usual bulb does in your home. As the real financial savings should not be located exclusively within the utility bill or even the less lengthy distance charges, the ability savings will also be considerable and really should be taken into consideration. The constant maintenance costs of operating a lot of servers can also be conserved because one MX250 IP PBX server will the work as high as five servers. Most significantly, the rate of economic is considerably elevated. Which means that the net income potential associated with a clients are elevated and that’s a good investment.

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3D TV Without Glasses and it is Technology!

3D TV Without Glasses and it is Technology handles the different types of these 3-dimensional televisions that don’t require using 3D glasses for example Parallax Barrier Technology, Lenticular Lens Technology and Box.

Without Glasses and it is Technology!

Technology, indeed, has altered the future of individual. It’s even altered the way in which men wish to be entertained. The days are gone as he was quite happy with watching the most recent baseball game around the old black and white-colored television. Using the creation of technology came the “feel like you had been there” 3D movies.

Years back, people could watch 3D movies in cinemas alone. They can needed to put on 3D glasses to ensure they are feel like these were watching the film a couple of steps in the scene. The end result was astounding and individuals craved for additional.

Today, 3D movies could be enjoyed not just in cinemas but additionally within the comfort of your homes. The 3D Television Without Glasses continues to be enhanced to satisfy your demands. Manufacturers still research and uncover we’ve got the technology that’s 3D Television.

Do you know the Various Technologies that Cope With ?

Parallax Barrier Technology

Fraxel treatments uses minute lenses that are integrated into the television monitor, thus eliminating the necessity or glasses. They are known as layered live view screen displays that have small stripes that hide certain pixels to ensure that many are visible left eye as the other pixels could be deciphered through the right eye. These pixels then produce images that may be transmitted to the brains.

However, the spectator must remain in the same location to get the maximum effect fraxel treatments provides.

Lenticular Lens Technology utilizes lenticular lenses which are built around the display monitor, so glasses aren’t needed. These lenses, which seem like fried eggs, bend the right and left images which are created. Fraxel treatments enables the watcher a wider look at the look.

Fraxel treatments functions by employing a webcam that locks onto a spectator’s eyes and adapts the pictures sent using a webcam that locks onto a viewers eyes and adjusts the pictures transmitted in the display because the spectator shifts his mind so that they see in 3D. This is similar to the headset utilized in movies like “Virtual Reality”. Once the spectator moves, the look moves too, tricking the mind that there’s dimension behind the screen.

The 3 Dimensional TV Box

This can be a new discovery in without glasses technology. This functions taking a typical three-dimensional image and delivering it in to the Box to become displayed. The Box takes the look and projects it to the TV monitor in the same dimension the thing is when utilizing 3D glasses of all 3D sets, and may take subject the different services which have streaming 3D content solutions.

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Cut Voice Technology Costs in two By Adopting Voice over internet protocol

All companies desire to make an income in which to stay business, but regrettably, most new companies don’t use whatever profit for more than a year or more after their doorways first open. Some companies have capital that they are able to draw to have their doorways open until they are doing observe that first little bit of profit, such capital doesn’t last forever. One of the leading ongoing operating costs that may drain capital is voice technology and communications. For a lot of companies, voice and communication expenses could make up a lot of monthly expenses, designed for companies that use a bigger number of individuals, requiring many company phones and voice extensions.

Reduce Your Communications Costs in two

The logical plan of action would be to limit individuals voice and communication expenses therefore the business could thrive until it sees profit. There’s a couple of methods to limit costs, charges along with other communications expenses, one of these includes adopting Voice over ip (Voice over internet protocol) like a base communications technology.

Integrating Session Initiation Protocol and Voice over internet protocol Technology

A study written on the study conducted by Apple demonstrated that whenever Voice over ip (Voice over internet protocol) technology is integrated with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) built with an open standards platform, the effective voice technology that results increases efficiency and lowers cost.

First, utilizing SIP with an open standards platform along with Voice over internet protocol might help streamline all of your voice communications and boost productivity, as proven in Intel’s study report. Additionally, it shown that by utilizing SIP technology, the pilot program in the study saw a lesser total possession cost, simplified management, and much more component choices, among other benefits.

Adopting and making use of Voice over internet protocol technology can reduce your voice and communication bill in two. While business Voice over internet protocol services could cost just a little greater than the typical residential Voice over internet protocol services, the best expense would be reduced than what you’re having to pay now.


Most companies by having an IT department, a small one, already get access to Voice over internet protocol services, making the situation even more powerful for adopting these cost and time saving voice technologies. Nonetheless, even though many companies still embrace the long run and it is technology, a lot more may need mixing the 2 voice technologies, but refuse for a variety of reasons. There’s no excuse because of not embracing the communications technology, as well as in today’s business climate, ignoring technology that may increase productivity minimizing costs could send a company spiraling in to the expense column forever.

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4G LTE Technology in Android Phones

1G, 2G, 3G history

4G LTE Technology which is ancestors, 2G and 3G are same technology of mobile standards, which are considered with the ITU at 1992. ITU Worldwide Telecommunication Union, the United nations, which controls every facet of telecommunications in the world. To date, technologies for instance 1G and 2G aren’t facing the current 3G connectivity technologies as well as the latest 4G LTE wireless connectivity. In 1992 2G began to switch the old 1G also it was launched in Finland in Europe. 2G connectivity network system was more than 1G, much better and faster approach to net connection.

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3G Technology

After 2G, found more efficient technology, 3G tech, it’s developed its roots around 2000, while 3G standards were agreed in 1999. The 3G technology can now easily be found around the world on virtually every smartphone, tablet and computer. Verizon was the initial network that established 3G connectivity. 3G technology enables users to download files online with speed of seven Mbps and no less than 512 Kbps speed of upload. Today, just about all known carriers offer 3G services within the united states . States, now there are numerous devices in the marketplace with 3G support.

4G Technology

4G could be the fourth generation technology of wireless connectivity, brand-new super-fast technology which is receiving targeted attention each day. 4G technology is perfect for greater wireless speeds for users of mobile smartphones, tablets wealthy in accelerates to 100 Mbps of download and 50 Mbps of upload. Wimax was company that introduced and tested 4G LTE. Wimax released first LTE connectivity in year 2006., but it is finally released last year. That was start extremely fast internet with speed of a single Gbit/s. Initially place 4G technology is mobility communication wi-fi service, designed to cell phones, in forseeable future 4G are available in every camera for instance TV or PC. The release date of 5g technology will likely maintain 2017.

Android and 4G LTE

Nearly all 4G smartphones are running on Android operating-system platform. Android Operating-system gives 4G connectivity a completely new meaning and guaranteed speed of 100 Mbps for download. 4G Android phones are enhanced for LTE technology and offers users amazing experience when surfing internet and installing files significantly faster compared to almost every other operating-system. 4G is becoming embed in many new devices like Tablet Pc’s, Pcs, Laptops, netbooks and gaming devices like Ps.

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Good reputation for Multi-Touch Technology

In the last 10 years, the multi-touch technologies have rapidly evolved and contains been implemented within numerous devices, software programs and hardware. Inside the a lengthy time, the fractional treatments will probably be a lot more used and may soon finish up a part of peoples’ day-to-day lives enabling those to easily talk to your personal computer screen or device using solely the fingers.

Set up way ahead for multi-touch technology is a vital aspect scientists should focus on, it’s best from time to time to go on holiday lower to memory lane and assess its evolution.

When did multi-touch technology appear?

The building blocks of multi-touch technology takes us to 1982 when Nimish Mehta within the College of Toronto was the very first developing the finger pressure display applying this technology. The season 1982 was an important year in multi-touch history because following a discovery of Nimish Mehta, other engineering the kind of Bell Labs got mixed up in progression of fractional treatments.

In this way, in 1983 there has been many discussions connected with multi-touch screens which new revolutionary technology, which introduced to the development of a touchscreen which will change images by exceeding just one hands. As time passes, Bell Labs made a decision to target much more about software development rather of hardware along with registered important success in multi-touch technology.

Prior to the last century, the multi-touch technology wasn’t extremely popular due to the inadequate breakthroughs in this particular domain. However, the success, recognition and rehearse from the technology started to change once while using breakthrough of Pierre Wellner in 1991. Within the paper “Digital Desk”, Pierre Wellner presented the advantages and mechanism of multi-touch technology, supporting the idea of multi-finger use.

Additionally, starting with 2001, every one of these papers and inventions were further examined, improved, expanded and created in today’s multi-touch devices, software programs and hardware. The main player inside the multi-touch technology market was Apple who in 2007 launched the iPhone. The merchandise introduced to a boost in recognition and rehearse from the technology as growing figures of customized, robust and gesture-based devices were developed ever since then on.

Basically, set up roots of multi-touch technology derive from the season 1982 the particular progression of multi-touch solutions together today pertains to the breakthroughs showed up at since 2007 and also on.

Finally, not able to multi-touch technology seems vibrant as increasing numbers of solutions are developed every single day and implemented in all sorts of companies and fields of activity like medicine, banking and most importantly – the engineering domain.

In the last couple of years there’s been many developments of solutions, either as devices, software programs or hardware. Whether we are planning on multi-touch tables, multi-touch phones or multi-touch displays, fractional treatments certainly represents an specialization which has yet a great reveal.

Eric Palto can be a technology analyst plus a regular author on new technology topics. Also, he comments on and discusses new technology companies available on the market. A company which taken his interest recently was TouchData LLC.

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