How is Schema Markup Important for SEO?

Schema markup or structured data or microdata helps in describing your content to the search engines in such a manner that they can understand it. This is possible by bringing together pieces of code to HTML that entails predefined tags that search engines understand. When it comes to structured data, it is a set of tags added in your HTML code. They are invisible to the users but are readable by search engines when it comes to crawling your pages. Structured data can either be in the form of microdata or json-ld. Find best seo expert Singapore to look after such aspects.

Structured data is essential for SEO as it will come in handy when dealing with ranking algorithm in the imminent years. So, apart from making the most of the advantages, you can also prep up for future SEO. Secondly, structured data glorifies the presence of your website on SERP with rich snippets. In other words, your entry on Google search results would be attract more users and be more informative for them that will further lead to better CTR and increase your traffic as well. Thirdly, schemas are amazing when it comes to local SEO. When it comes to structured data, it gives search engine more info about local business like address and contact details.