Passive Income Ideas You can start today

Active income is money earned as a salary from your job. It’s more of a fixed income that you earn and pay bills with. Passive income, on the other hand, is money that you earn without doing much to make it. Income earned this way can be used to indulge in a luxury item or service. Or you can use it to fuel your dreams or hobbies too. There are so many people around that earn passive income and use it to buy a new guitar for themselves or pay their tuition fees. How you spend it is up to you and how and how much you earn it is up to you as well.

Though there are a ton of ways to earn passive income, we have listed out the top picks just for you.

Sell unused, unwanted products online

Many websites serve as a platform to resell unused items. So, clean your wardrobe and garage and gather all things you don’t need any more or have not used at all. Sell them at a lower price than the actual, you are sure to find buyers.

Give your space on rent

You make not require all the rooms in your house. So, simply clean it up and put it on rent. This way you can make a steady amount every month.

Give your parking space on rent

Many people often don’t have parking space. If you have an extra one, give it on rent.

Create an app

Have great app idea? Well, it’s not very expensive to build one like it used to be in the past.

Setup your own YouTube channel and take the ad money

Record your reviews, games, songs, anything at all and upload them on your own YouTube Channel. Google Ad sense, once activated, will help you earn money.

Take up freelance work

Many websites offer freelance work – typing, writing, proofreading, web designing, etc. Take up such tasks and start earning today!

Play games online

Many gaming websites and mobile apps offer real cash prizes to its winners. They offer different types of games, such as poker and rummy. You can play rummy online for real cash and have fun while doing so. Rummy games are extremely easy to play – just know the game rules and you are set.

Rent out expensive equipment

DSLR cameras, power tools, treadmills – things that are expensive and are used for a short period of time, so people prefer not to buy them. If you own such equipment’s, put them up on rent. Chances are, they will pick the equipment’s on rent instead of buying them.

Create, manufacture and sell your own innovative product    

You may a have idea of creating a product. Well, then get started. Create the product and sell it online. There are tons of platforms to do so – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it!

Design T-shirts, mugs, notebook covers and earn

There are several websites hunting for artists who can design T-shirts and other merchandize. You will be given a certain percentage behind each sale.