January 17, 2020


Follow These 3 Tips for Effective WordPress Marketing like a Pro

  • Always choose mobile friendly themes

Google loves mobile friendly websites, so always make sure that your WordPress site is one of them. Also have a look at your mobile traffic once when you have chosen the theme. This helps you determine the issues with your traffic numbers and fix them. To learn more about such features, check the Udemy Complete WordPress Training For Beginners.

  • Optimize your website to load your website faster

Google also considers the speed of your website when it comes to the rankings. Images are one of the major elements that slow your website down. When you are using bulky images, ensure to compress them with free online tools available. This helps in boosting your site speed dramatically.

  • Create an XML sitemap.

Search engines crawl your website to index it and to rank it. This can be done by having a look at the sitemap. WordPress does that automatically but it is not optimized. So, Google will not be always crawling your website. You can easily optimize it by making the use of the plugin such as Google XML Sitemap Generator. This tool keeps a track of your index pages and informs Google that your site is updated.

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