December 15, 2020



Many headsets companies want to provide the noise cancellation effect in the headsets and some of them provide also but lots of them don’t add these features or add a low quality of sound cancelation effect. If you are using the low-quality headset then you may feel a lack of noise cancelation. Some headsets are very effective in noise cancelation and their price also remains some high than normal headsets’ price. If you want to know about the cons of gaming headsets then this post is written for you. Some measures cons are described here in details one by one –

  1. Most headsets are not durable –

As you might have seen that mostly all headsets broke within two months. Because they have a plastic body that is breakable. Whether you are going to buy a noise-cancelling gaming headset or not. But you will get a cheap quality of the body. It means they are not durable. No matter how much you care your headset will get a break within a few months. This is due to the skimp of the companies that want to save some cost on its manufacturing. The bad quality of the body of headsets makes the brand of the companies the worst. There can be a reason that companies want to reduce the weight of the headsets by making the plastic body.

  1. Almost all gaming headsets are overpriced –

Many brands of headsets sell headsets high in price. If you have bought a headset for gaming or any other purpose then you may have felt that you have paid more than its actual value. A bad sound effect and a low building material used for the body of the headset may make you realize that you have paid more for the worst product. A trend in the markets for a new headset may also increase the price of the headset. If an overpriced product is bought then this will be a loss of money.

  1. The bulk of wires connected to the headsets –

Suppose you have a headset that needs three and more wires for connecting it to a computer or charger. Then obviously you may be in a circle of disruptions due to lots of wire which are for your headsets, keyboard, mouse, and sound speakers. So it means you should that headset which needs fewer wires or no wires to connect it with your computer.

Some of the users also complain the size of the headset is not well for them. Some of the users want to use those headphones which have cushioned headbands. These cushioned headsets lose their voice control and start to allow the voice to go into the outside environment leaking from nearby ears. Some of them have more audio leak problem due to their shape. In this leaking case, you also will not get all the complete effects of the bass and voice. These gaming headsets are also not useful in any other activities so that is also one con.

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