July 2, 2021


What Is Access Control Hardware?

Several components make up the access control hardware system including, doors, locks, cards, and readers, among other components like essential hardware that are less obvious.

It is important to remember the concept of access control to clearly understand the crucial solutions, components, concepts, and methodology that make any modern-day access control systems.

Components of Electronic Access Control Hardware Systems


A door will automatically cease its importance and functionalities when open and insecure. Doors will always be the key to access control.

Doors are easily classified by their construction material, including; wood, steel, glass, fiberglass, and aluminum.

  • Steel

You can be sure of security, affordability, and durability from steel doors and are typically used in commercial and industrial environments.

  • Fiberglass

These long-lasting and durable doors are ideal for commercial applications, for they are a perfect combination with electronic access controls.

  • Wood

Wood doors are very durable but are not secure. They are usually used for interior office doors.

  • Aluminum

An elegant look is achieved by using aluminum doors with glass panels. They allow people to see what is happening outside their office, and they are durable and secure when aluminum and glass are used together.

  • Glass

Glass doors are an integral part of any office environment. They create a sense of openness and transparency.

Security glass and coatings protect the office from harsh weather conditions and still maximize natural lighting.

Electromechanical locks and wireless readers are among the solutions that combine aesthetics with security and are easily incorporated into glass doors.

Door Locks in Access Control

The most common types of locks used in electronic access control are electromagnetic locks and electric strike locks.

Request to Exit Devices in Access Control

REX devices offer people access to an access controlled area without using a physical device or credential.

If a door is opened without a valid card or a REX device activation, then a door-open alarm will occur.

Motion Sensors

REX devices are usually equipped with infrared sensors. These are used for door opening and security through censoring temperature changes in the environment.

An active infrared sensor has two components: a receiver and an emitter. The goal is to determine the beam’s distance and trigger a door unlock if it gets broken.

Access Control Readers 

These devices are used at protected access points to read some input, such as a physical card or a signature. They then forward the information to a central panel.

These readers can also read the data from the panel or the central controller. If the panel or the controller approves the input, they will unlock the door.

Intelligent readers are capable of making decisions and unlocking a door. They do not need the assistance of a controller or a panel to perform their tasks.

In conclusion, the essential components of an exemplary access control system are usually hardware, such as door alarms and cameras, software, and various other accessories.

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